Cyprian Rift: Warships  
  Cyprian Rift: Warships is a fast action tactical starship miniatures game set in the Cyprian Universe.  Your fleet can consist of cutters, corvettes, frigates, destroyers, cruisers, carriers and fighter. Rule sets include carriers with fighter groups, galactic events (terrain in space),  and exchangeable modular ship systems.  The game is played on a hex game board and movement is plotted based. Game mechanics are non-complex yet robust enough to for all levels of gamers to enjoy.

Cyprian Universe

The Confederated Galactic Council has banned travel into the rift.  Mysterious worlds and lost technologies lie within the rift, ripe for the picking. Many confederate nation send covert fleets into the rift to explore against the will of the council. Now a shadow war is raging with in the Cyprian Rift as battle commanders lead small task forces in covert unsanctioned mission into the rift.  In the Cyprian Rift is where your Legacy will begin…or where your name will be forgotten. 
  GenCon Battle Report
Impressions: For me, the game strikes just the right balance for optimal enjoyment. The rules are fine-grained enough that good tactics wins over good die-rolling, but simple enough that "calculation fatigue" does not set in, and a small but satisfying game could be played in 60-90 minutes. What we found especially fun are the randomly-drawn perks which customize each ship. Most are one-time effects. Some perks are a function of the crew or captain, and some the result of unique artifacts discovered by particular crew. These add a nice cinematic touch to the game. In our demo, I used an alien inertial damping device which caused my opponent to decelerate, leaving him unable to avoid the minefield I'd just laid across his bow. He responded a few turns later by forcing me to save against his "diplomatic immunity" ploy. I failed the save, and thus for a turn I held my fire, believing him to be carrying an important diplomat whom I would be unwilling to kill. Great fun!

Cyprian Rifts looks to be an excellent game. Going into the demo, I hadn't had the desire to pick up a space combat game in years, but this game is going to bring me back into the fold.