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Rulebook Update: New Version!

The new version of Cyprian Rift: Warship is available in your local star system.


GenCon Game In Actoin!



Fleet Pack Bundle with Rulebook is BACK
The bundle includes One of each of the Obsidian Confederate minis for a total of 8 minis plus a copy of the Rulebook. Included are one of each: a Cruiser, Destroyer, Assault Frigate, Patrol Frigate, Corvette, Cutter, Heavy Carrier and a Light Carrier.


Rulebook Update
The updated and revamped rulebook of Cyprian Rift: Warship Version II.  Finally the rulebook is back from the editor. The new version of Cyprian Rift: Warship is going to be available very soon in your local star system.  What else could you ask for Christmas!

Current rulebook is available for sale. Buy Cyprian Rifts: Warship NOW at a super stellar discount and get the new rulebook for FREE when available.

New Rules Include:

  • Plotted based movement
  • Carrier and fighter combat
  • New ship record redesign
  • Revamped combat system
  • Galactice Event map overlays (Space Terrian)
  • Cleaned up and tighter rules of course
  • plus much much more.....