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GenCon 50 Events - August 17-20, 2017

Game ID
Cyprian Rift Warships - Intro
10AM - 12PM
Cyprian Rift Warships - Intro
1 - 3 PM
Cyprian Rift Warships - Engagement
3 - 6 PM



Fleet Pack Bundle with Rulebook is BACK
The bundle includes One of each of the Obsidian Confederate minis for a total of 8 minis plus a copy of the Rulebook. Included are one of each: a Cruiser, Destroyer, Assault Frigate, Patrol Frigate, Corvette, Cutter, Heavy Carrier and a Light Carrier.


Rulebook Update
The updated and revamped rulebook of Cyprian Rift: Warship Version II.  Finally the rulebook is back from the editor. The new version of Cyprian Rift: Warship is going to be available very soon in your local star system.  What else could you ask for Christmas!

Current rulebook is available for sale. Buy Cyprian Rifts: Warship NOW at a super stellar discount and get the new rulebook for FREE when available.

New Rules Include:

  • Plotted based movement
  • Carrier and fighter combat
  • New ship record redesign
  • Revamped combat system
  • Galactice Event map overlays (Space Terrian)
  • Cleaned up and tighter rules of course
  • plus much much more.....