Obsidian Confederate Miniature Line

Obsidian Confederate Fleet
This line of quality metal miniatures are designed from the Cyprian Game Universe but can easily be adapted for other game systems.  The  Obsidian Confederate ships have nice clean castings, excellent crisp detail, and a good unifying aesthetic to the design. The line consists of cutters, corvettes, frigates, destroyers, cruisers and carriers. 
  Cygnus Class: Cutter
The smallest class of warships is fast, agile and lightly armed. Cutters are mainly used for short distance patrols and recon duties. In the Rift they are used to scout ahead of larger task forces to gather intel and detect threats. These warships are ineffective against larger capital ships, but use their speed and maneuverability to outrun foes.


  Perseus Class: Corvette
These are fast and agile warship are better armed than a cutter. Corvettes are used to fill a variety of roles ranging from escort, patrol and recon duties. These warships are not very effective against larger capital ships without support, but using their exceptional speeds and maneuverability they can outrun many ships.

  Orion Class : Patrol Frigate
The Orion class frigate is quick and pretty agile but moderately armed warship. Their main duties are long range recon patrols or escort missions. Patrol frigates are capable of engaging smaller or like class ship but can also outrun larger ships if needed.  They are excellent choices for extended mission deep within the Rift or escorting merchant fleets through hostile regions of space.
  Diablo Class: Assault Frigate
Assualt frigates are better armed, less mauevarable than the patrol frigate. They are the grunts of a battle group. They have enough firepower to help protect other ships as well can be used for long range patrols into hostile regions of space. Assault Frigates are more than capable of engaging smaller or like class ship and are well suited for support ships in a battle group. 
  Thor Class: Destroyer
These warships are pretty fast, yet maneuverable, long endearing and well-armed warships used for offensive and defensive duties, either independently or in fleet actions. Destroyers are capable of defending strategic locations or exploring deep into the rift. They also have a small complement of fighters for various support roles.
  Pleiades Class: Cruiser
Cruisers are larger warship capable of engaging multiple targets simultaneously. These ships have enough firepower to fend off attacks from smaller ships and self-sufficient enough to take long ventures deep into the rift. Cruisers also have a complement of fighters which can be used in versatile roles.
  Orion Class: Escort Carrier
Escort Carriers are agile and moderately armed capital ships equipped with launch bays and hangers which house a formidable complement of fighters capable of providing defensive and offensive capability for a fleet. These armed mobile fighter bases when complimented with other agile ships make ideal strike forces that can attack deep within enemy territories.
  Centaurus Class: Battle Carrier
Battle Carriers are well armed capital ships equipped with launch bays and hangers which house a strong complement of fighters capable of providing superior offensive capability for any fleet. These warships are the center piece of carrier battle groups which consist of the battler carrier and the other ship that make up the fleet. These battle groups will inflict heavy damage on any opposing force.
  Painted by Impoverished Lackey Hobby Services
3D mesh work done by Irrational Designs
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