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Weird Worm Dice Trays! Step into a realm of organized chaos with the Weird Worm 3D Printed Dice Trays, your beacon of order for dice chain management! These colorful eye-popping dice trays are not just a tool, but a place to show case your Dungeon Crawl Classic dice sets.

Multi Color Filaments: Dual and Tri-colors

2-in-1 or 3-in-1 Filaments, every inch has two or three colors. This gives your prints not only a smooth and shiny appearance, but also a unique color pattern and effect.

Color Changing Filaments

This chameleon like color-changing material is responsive to different light and angles. Change the visible color by rotating the chameleon color-changing filament to different orientations.

Glow in the dark
Glows in the dark after absorbing light energy. Exposure to the strong sunlight or UV light for only one minute will get an amazing glow effect.

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or high temperatures may cause warping.



Weird Worm Dice Trays: Color Options

More Photos Coming Soon!

Burnt Titanium

Chameleon: Burnt Titanium


Dark Nebula

Chameleon: Nebula Purple


Elders Quartz

Chameleon: Rose Quartz


Wraith Blood

Chameleon: Marsala

Radioactive Night

Glow in Dark: Shiny Dark Blue

Uranium glass

Glow in Dark: Shiny Dark Green

Tarnished Doubloon

Dual Color: Black-Gold |Silk

Viridian Anguish

Dual Color: Black-Green |Silk



Indigo Impalement

Tri Color: Black-Blue-Purple |Silk


Crimson Bane

Dual Color: Black-Red |Silk

Creeping Cerulean

Dual Color: Blue-Fuchsia |Silk


Mermaid Seaweed

Dual Color: Blue-Green |Silk


Orchid Madness

Dual Color: Blue-Red |Silk


Soulless Rose

Tri Color: Red-Yellow-Blue |Silk


Lake of Fire

Dual Color: Gold-Fuchsia |Silk

Amber Abomination

Dual Color: Gold-Rose |Silk



Elemental Blaze

Dual Color: Pink-Yellow |Silk



Sorcerous Corruption

Dual Color: Red-Green |Silk



Apocalypse Waste

Tri-Color: Red-Green-Blue |Matte

Psychedelic Chaos

Tri-Color: Blue-Green-Orange |Silk


Tidal Turquoise

Tri-Color: Turquoise-Coral-Gold

Golden Viper

Tri-Color: Gold-Silver-Copper


Scarlet Wrym

Tri-Color: Red-Black-Green |Silk


Mithril Unicorn

Black-Pink-White| Silk